About Us

Shaheen chemical industries (SCI) have been providing its best of the products and services from its beginning. The very first and final strategy of “S-C-I” is the complete and obvious support and satisfaction of its valued customers.

SCI’s prime goals and the most important errands are to provide its ever best solutions, services and products to keep its customer’s satisfaction level higher and higher to the peak.

SCI has all of its chemical products according to the international standard. All of the basic raw materials are directly imported from UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Korea, china and etc…

S-c-i not only supplying textile chemical products all over Pakistan especially Karachi’s most popular and topmost textile industries, but also has been exporting its chemical products around the world including UAE, south Africa(Tanzania), Bangladesh &etc… Shaheen chemical industries’ talented, young and energetic team always work for the maximum customer’s satisfaction and also guarantee for the quality and quantity standard with best and desired result in all of its products.

Furthermore, a shaheen chemical industry is a well-recognized and well-reputed chemical industry all over the world, especially Asia, South Africa & etc…

Management body of shaheen chemical industries
  • Mr. Abdul Rehman
    Chief Executive

  • Mr. Naeem Rehman
    Marketing & Sales Director

  • Mr. Nadeem Rehman
    Asst. Sales Director & Coordinator Lab. Inch. & Quality Controller

  • Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman
    Sales & Supply Incharge

  • Mr. Moeen-ur-Rehman
    Purchase Director

  • Mr. Saleem Rehman
    Chief of Technical Staff

  • Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Nadeem
    Soni Associates, Sales Tax Customers & D.T.R.E. Consultent