Products No. Chemical Names Description Units Details
SCI-30 Endring Remover For removing Endring into the screen 30kgs Net poly Can
SCI-30 Plus Endring Cleaner For endring cleaner of araldite glue 30kgs Net Poly Can
SCI-31 Screen Stripper For rotary screens stripping after engraved herded polymerized 30kgs Or 35kgs Net poly Can
SCI-35 Degreaser For degreasing screen before coating (dust protects) 30kgs Net Poly Can
SCI-40 Screen Cleaner For screen chocking cleaner of printed pastes 25kgs Net Poly Can
SCI-65 Coating Emulsion For engraving screens coating emulsion of all type screen mesh counted 5kgs Net Poly Jar
SCI-66 Coating Sensitizer Light sensitive component for SCI 65 emulsions 0.50kgs Net Poly Jar
SCI-103 Coating Emulsion For laser engraving screen coating emulsion 5kgs Net Poly Jar
SCI-104 Coating Sensitizer Light sensitive component for SCI 103 emulsions 0.50kg Net Poly Jar